Network Security

500,00 lei

This course introduces the core security concepts and skills needed to configure and troubleshoot computer networks and help ensure the integrity of devices and data.



  1. Securing Networks
  2. Network Threats
  3. Mitigating Threats
  4. Secure Device Access
  5. Assign Administrative Roles
  6. Device Monitoring and Management
  7. Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)
  8. Access Control Lists
  9. Firewall Technologies
  10. Zone-Based Policy Firewalls
  11. IPS Technologies
  12. IPS Operation and Implementation
  13. Endpoint Security
  14. Layer 2 Security Considerations
  15. Cryptographic Services
  16. Basic Integrity and Authenticity
  17. Public Key Cryptography
  18. VPNs
  19. Implement Site-to-Site IPsec VPNs with CLI
  20. Introduction to the ASA
  21. ASA Firewall Configuration
  22. Network Security Testing


  • Students or IT professionals who wants to pursue a career in Security Operations
  • CCNA level knowledge is needed for success

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