CLA: Programming Essentials in C

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This course covers the universal concepts of computer programming, as well as the syntax, semantics and data types of the C language.



  • Module 0: explains the process of installing and using the programming environment.
  • Module 1: introduces common computer programming concepts, e.g. integers and variables.
  • Module 2: introduces the concepts of data types and flow control.
  • Module 3: further discusses the concepts of flow control, introducing more data types and logic in computer
  • Module 4: touches on the subject of aggregating data into arrays.
  • Module 5: explains the differences between arrays and structures.
  • Module 6: introduces the subject of functions.
  • Module 7: discusses files and streams.
  • Module 8: elaborates on the subject of the pre-processor and declarations.


  • High school, secondary and 2-year college vocational students, college and university students studying IT and non-IT fields, career changers
  • No previous knowledge of programming required

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