PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python

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The PCAP | Programming Essentials in Python course covers all the basics of programming in Python, as well as general computer programming concepts and techniques. The course also familiarizes the student with the object-oriented approach.



  • Module 0: introduction to compiling and software development.
  • Module 1: writing simple programs, the print() function, literals, operators – data manipulation tools, variables – data-shaped boxes, output vs input, strings and numbers.
  • Module 2: making decisions in Python, relational operators, conditions and conditional execution, the elif clause, Python’s loops, logic and bit operations, lists – collections of data, sorting simple lists – the bubble sort algorithm, lists in advanced applications.
  • Module 3: writing functions, arguments, returning a result from a function, functions and scopes, practising with designing and writing functions, tuples and dictionaries.
  • Module 4: using modules, working with math, random and platform modules, errors and exceptions, characters and strings vs. computers, writing four simple programs.
  • Module 5: basic concepts of object programming, objects, the stack – a procedural approach, properties, methods, inheritance, detailed anatomy of an exception, generators and closures, processing files, working with real files.


  • High school, secondary and 2-year college vocational students, college and university students studying IT and non-IT fields, career changers
  • No previous knowledge of programming required

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