Networking Essentials 2.0

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Networking Essentials teaches networking based on environments students may encounter in daily life, including small office and home office networking. This course provides an engaging, self-paced learning experience using Packet Tracer simulation, interactive activities, and learning with your own devices at home.



  • Communications in a Connected World
  • Online Connections
  • Explore Networks with Packet Tracer
  • Build a Simple Network
  • Communication Principles
  • Network Design and the Access Layer
  • Routing Between Networks
  • The Internet Protocol
  • Dynamic Addressing with DHCP
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Address Management
  • Transport Layer Services
  • Application Layer Services
  • Build a Home Network
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Security Considerations
  • Configure Network and Device Security
  • Cisco Switches and Routers
  • The Cisco IOS Command Line
  • Build a Small Cisco Network
  • Troubleshoot Common Network Problems


  • High school, secondary and 2-year college vocational students, college and university students studying IT and non-IT fields, career changers
  • No previous knowledge required

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